Stem Cells Stem Cell Basics We partner with MediVet to offer cutting edge stem cell therapy to treat your pet. This is called Autogous Therapy, as we use your pet's own body tissues. These stem cells are powerful healing cells in your pet's body, and can become other types of cells. Most stem cells in adult fat tissue are "asleep." MediVet's therapy isolates stem cells in your pet's fat tissue, wake them up, and reintroduce them directly to the damaged area. Revolutionary healing possibilities follow. Is Stem Cell Therapy right for my pet? In a recent study, 155 canines suffering from moderate to severe osteoarthritis were treated with MediVet’s stem cell therapy. Four independent veterinarians oversaw the study and results. At the end of 90 days, 99% of the canines showed improvements in at least one of the three analyzed categories. This research combined with many others, validates the use of stem cell therapy for the treatment of numerous ailments. Take The Test PRP Platelet Rich Plasma Basics PRP is a part of your pet's blood that has been processed to contain an elevated concentration of platelets than usual. This causes multiple growth factors and signaling molecules in their granules. Consequently, the body's natural healing response is significantly enhanced.

PRP has been used in humans for many years in a variety of orthopedic conditions. There is early compelling data about how this modality can be applied to canines in order to assist the healing process in orthopedic conditions. In order to assess whether your dog is a candidate, you will need to consult with us so we can determine if this is likely to be a fruitful approach.
Stem Cells PRP