Jessica P. LVT

Jessica has been a Veterinary Technician for 14 years. Although she loves all of her duties as a Vet Tech, she has become particularly fond of surgery, dental work, and stem cell therapy. Much of her work at the Woodhaven Animal Hospital is done in the surgery room. Her and her husband live with an [...]

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Lea works as a Licensed Vet Tech at Woodhaven Animal Hospital. Lea has always had a passion for animals, and continues to do animal rescue/volunteer work when she is not working. Other than working with animals, Lea loves to spend her free time with her husband and children, exercise, and read. She has two dogs, [...]

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Melissa has been a Licensed Vet Tech for 17 years, and has worked closely with Dr Greear for the majority of that time. Nowadays, she hones most of her skills with our surgery patients. When Melissa is not working, she spends her time with her husband, her three kids, as well as her two dogs. [...]

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