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Medical Services

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Preventive wellness care is essential to your pet’s health, happiness, and longevi­­ty. For this reason, we strive to offer the best veterinary wellness care during every stage of your pet’s life. We will make responsible recommendations for your pet regarding his or her vaccinations, nutrition, dental care, heartworm prevention, parasite control, laboratory testing, and behavior.

Wellness programs begin with semi-annual examinations. We may recommend more frequent visits based on your pet’s age, health status, and lifestyle. A comprehensive wellness plan will be created for your pet’s unique healthcare needs. Our goal is to help your pet mature healthily from juvenile to adult to senior.

Wellness Exams Consists of:

Examine the heart and lungs
Check the teeth and oral cavity
Assess vision, eyes, and ears
Palpate the lymph nodes and abdomen
Check the skin
Palpate the joints and muscles
A complete physical exam should also include blood work. This allows us to identify underlying diseases and creates a baseline of health in the event your pet gets sick between routine exams.


Up-to-date vaccinations play a large part in keeping your pet healthy and free from disease. At Woodhaven Animal Hospital, we tailor a vaccine protocol that is specific to your pet based on his or her age, lifestyle, health status, and risk of exposure. Vaccine schedules are balanced to provide needed protection while not over-vaccinating your pet.

Nutritional Counseling

Proper nutrition plays a large role in the overall health and longevity of our pets. At Woodhaven Animal Hosptial, our goal is to provide you with the information necessary to feed your pet a diet that meets his or her nutritional needs. In regards to nutrition, client education is key because as a pet owner, you have complete control of what your pet eats on a regular basis.

For pets living with serious nutritional concerns or chronic conditions, we may recommend a special diet as part of the treatment plan. We will recommend a diet to help alleviate nutritional concerns such as intestinal issues, renal failure, food allergies, diabetes, liver disease, and bladder and kidney stones. Our nutritional recommendations are comprehensive, and will also include valuable information on serving sizes, how to read food labels, and strategies to reach and maintain an optimal body weight.

Exotic Pets

We believe that every kind of pet deserves to live a healthy life, and that’s why we have taken a strong interest in the treatment of these animals. The diagnostic and treatment options we provide for dog and cat patients are also available for exotic patients. Dr. Greear will provide the best veterinary care to birds, ferrets, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils, mice, rats, and reptiles.

Dermatology & Allergy Testing

Conditions of the skin, hair, ears, and nails can cause your pet extreme discomfort and irritation, so it’s best to seek treatment right away. Our clinic is experienced in the treatment of allergies, dermatitis, skin infections, parasitic infections, hormonal disorders, tumors, and skin cancer.

If you observe any of the following symptoms in your pet, please give us a call:
Constant licking, chewing, or biting at the skin
Scabby, red, or flaky skin
Excessive shedding
Excessive scratching
Hot spots
Lumps or bumps

In some cases, we can make a diagnosis by visual examination alone. However, further testing may be required to make an accurate diagnosis. Our in-house lab is equipped to test blood samples, skin scrapings, biopsies, and cultures. Once we diagnose your pet’s condition, we can begin a treatment plan.