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Diagnostic Care

Digital X-Rays, Ultrasound, Sonic Grams, Digital Radiography In House Laboratory

Physical examinations are only the beginning when it comes to diagnosing your pet's condition. That is why Woodhaven Animal Hospital has invested in a cutting-edge in-house laboratory that gives us the full capabilities to provide you with on demand blood work results and advanced medical imaging.

When more specific testing is deemed necessary, we have an in house laboratory to help us better determine what is wrong with your pet. We also have digital radiology and Ultrasound right here at our hospital to accommodate you.

Digital Radiology

At Woodhaven Animal Hospital we have the ability to capture clear images of your pet’s bones and internal organs and display them digitally on a screen. This allows us to manipulate these images and diagnose a variety of conditions more accurately and more efficiently than ever before. Digital X-rays can be easily shared with the pet owner, giving you more control of your pet’s veterinary care. Specialists can give a second opinion at unprecedented speeds due to the ease of sending digital files. There is much less radiation to your pet with Digital X-Rays.

Veterinary Ultrasound

Another major tool that we have in house is ultrasound. This form of imagery allows us to view your pet’s internal organs, chest cavity, and abdomen without the strenuous process of sedation and surgery. For the majority of the time, this process takes less than an hour and your pet will be able to go home with you the very same day. Ultrasound is the most effective diagnostic tool for identifying many types of heart disease and it provides an assessment on the functionality and condition of your pet’s internal organs. It also can assist us in surgery when performing a biopsy or removal of a foreign object.

In-House Laboratory

The ability to evaluate and test the performance of your pet’s internal processes is integral in any preventative wellness program. Are your pet’s major organs performing their vital functions? Is your pet suffering from internal parasites? Is the lump on your pet’s skin harmless? These are just a few of the things we can test for quickly with an in-house laboratory.

Laboratory testing provides us with the answers to all of these questions and more, by giving us an overall assessment of your pet’s systems non-invasively. Our lab is equipped to perform urinalysis, parasite testing, fungal cultures, blood chemistry testing, and more. Often times, we can share results with you in minutes.